torsdag 17. juni 2021

Iscasoft Payroll Software.

Finally, great payroll software!


Iscasoft Payroll has everything you need to manage your payroll.
It looks great, it’s really easy to use, and is fully SARS Compliant.

All this at a fraction of the cost of major competitors.

What are you waiting for?

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Iscasoft Payroll - Summary of Features

  • Process PAYE, UIF and SDL
  • Process Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Periods
  • Payment Types: Fixed, per Hour, per Shift and per Day and more ...
  • User defined allowance and deduction definitions
  • Pay Definitions and Leave Profiles including Multiple Pay Rates
  • Employee loans, re-payment schedules, including interest
  • Pension, Provident or Retirement Annuity Fund Calculations
  • Medical Aid Deductions and calculations
  • Allocate employee hours / costs to Job Costing / Projects
  • Create electronic EFT files for Bank Payments
  • EasyFile™ Integration for Electronic IRP5’s and EMP 501
  • Integration with Industrial Councils (MEIBC / MIBFA)
  • Employment Tax Incentive Calculation and Reporting
  • HR Functions and Employment Equity Reporting (EEA2 / EEA4 / BCCEI)
  • Import Clock Card Files
  • Report Writer

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torsdag 3. juni 2021

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onsdag 2. juni 2021

Available/ Open Funding for Viable projects Worldwide

Good day,
Available/ Open Funding for Viable projects Worldwide in various sectors such as : Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Constructions, Bridge Loans, Business Loans. For more info, get back to me with your business prospects. We fund early stage-start-up ventures, partnership, existing Ventures and do total completion and investment expansion projects. Leverage walk-in equity on discounted commercial or residential purchases by employing our funds for down payment & closing costs. Qualify for better Rate & Term based on a lower LTV but still achieve high CLTV or $0 down financing.
We fund all sectors aimed at capturing secular trends to generate long-term, sustainable returns. Our approach begins by identifying an acceptable level of risk, we have deal sizes ranging from 1MM to 800MM. Rate 3% and Term up to 30 Years we offer funding in various sectors such as : Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Constructions, Bridge Loans, Business Loans, with good ROI. Seasoned Funds for reserves and earnest money also available.
Contact us for start-up funding, commercial RE Finance, seed capital, early stage start-up ventures, Joint Venture/Partnership investment with liquidity from our part, Loan, Construction, Oil & gas, Mortgages. We can fund an excess of $2Billion. Funds available for acquisition, rehab or carrying costs including CASH-OUT! Advance equity fund disbursement based on verifiable walk-in equity. No income, asset or credit requirements. Seasoned Funds for reserves and earnest money also available.
Mr Steven Stovall
Funding & Investment Consultant/