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RE: TCA's Newsletter for hiring Staff Aug or full time hires.

We can help!

TCA Consulting Group Inc providing Staff Aug, Perm Placement and Temp Help since 1987.
Our Recruiting Process
Attract, Recruit, and Select, Evaluate, Submit, Negotiations, Background check, Starts, Customer Satisfaction
Attract:  through referrals, our own database, internet recruiting, postings on job boards and newspaper advertising.
Recruit, through telephone or personal interviews that are done during the day, lunch or evening hours.  We consider it important to meet and spend some time with every candidate before we submit them to a client.
Evaluate the candidate based on the following criteria and submit to client:
Availability, Accountability, Accessibility and Affordability
Availability:  Is the candidate available when the client wants them?
Accountability; does the candidate have the right skill set and personality for the account we check them out with in person interviews, technical testing and technical interviews with our technical staff.
Accessibility; can the candidate commute to the job site in an hours commute
Affordability:  will the candidate accept the pay rate to meet the client's rate card.
Negotiations needed to make the placement happen, time of and for interviews, start dates and rates or salary levels.
We do background verifications matched to the client's requirements, when that is complete the candidate may start work. 
After a candidate starts we maintain customer satisfaction with our report cards that are sent out on an ongoing basis and continuous customer contact...

Staff Aug and Temporary help, we pay the employee 70% of the billing rate.

Perm Placement


Staff Aug and Temporary help, we pay the employee 70% of the billing rate agreed to at time of hire, and bill monthly.

Perm Placement


For Full Time Placements
The fee will be up to 20% of the starting salary. 
Payment for the fee will be charged as follows:
10% after 30 days of start date
30% after 60 days of start date
60% after 90 days of start date
Should the applicant be discharged or leave within 90 days of start date, a comparable replacement will be provided at no charge.  Contingent upon payment of related bills within 10 days of billing date.
Please let us know if we can help
Thanks and
John Cassandra
TCA Consulting Group Inc.
800-994-9903 x304


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